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The mechanical structures and control programs were developed entirely by our engineers and are with high technology integration capability. Customized mechanisms and programs are provided according to customer requirements to satisfy customer demand.

Fully Electric Multi-Layer Blow Molding Machine

Fully Electric Multi-Layer Blow Molding Machine


Fully Electric Multi-Layer Blow Molding Machine


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Fully Electric Multi-Layer Blow Molding Machine

Fully electric blow molding machine is with high precision, high stability, energy saving, easy cleaning, low noise, simple maintenance and other outstanding features. Unlike conventional hydraulic machines, fully electric blow molding machine is no oil leaking, does not cause hydrocarbon pollution, and is suitable to produce products that require high purity such as medical supplies, food containers and other related products.

Equipped with the six layer die head developed by our company, we are able to produce high gas barrier containers. EVOH layer can block air, slow the deterioration of the filling and therefore extend the expiration period. This is especially suitable for products that are preservative free and drugs that would become deteriorated easily by contacting with air.

We adopt Siemens control system; high-performance, high-speed, stable, high-precision, 15-inch color touch human-computer, user-friendly operating interface make the operation more convenient and easier. Password protection feature prevents the operator free to change the parameters causing production problems. Built-in network function is with remote control mode which can perform instant malfunction detection and trouble shooting as well as reduce the maintenance time. Parison control system: 100 points thickness controller is built-in with memory module which can store 100 sets of production parameters. It can shorten the production time of changing molds.

Fully Electric Multi-Layer Blow Molding Machine

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